Release Notes

Version - August 6, 2008


Fixes for specific crops growing on specific periods - Peak Month calculation incorrect

Fixes for Permit Report - Weber box values incorrect

Fixes for Reviewer Report -  Initial Credit Gallons and Peak Month values not properly displayed

Fixes for Citrus crops Reviewer Report inches totals

Fixed edit check for permit number to only allow permits with a decimal and 3 digit revision


Version - September 17, 2008


Fixed - Selecting DELAND soil type causes an exception in ProcessLayers() internal function

Added - Excel export feature for reviewer data


Version - September 22, 2008


Fixed - When using the same DID for more than one use, totals on Reviewers Report, specifically, Cold Protection and Peak Month, are not calculating correctly.


Version - December 5, 2008


Fixed - Tee Acres field to allow a decimal value when crop type is golf course.
Fixed - User Defined Irrigation form now validates that an  Irrigation Efficiency has been selected.
Simplified the about page to only show the Product version number and the compiled date


Version - July 23, 2009


Fixed - Calculation for multiple uses for the first withdrawal so that all uses are totaled for every withdrawal
Fixed - Version Number displays so that everything is using the same version number for all locations where the AGMOD version number is displayed


Version - August 28, 2009


Fixed - Page numbering problem on permit report

Fixed - Reviewer report Peak GPD now is showing the correct amount when multiple uses from one withdrawal and different peak use  months in the summary.
Added Potatoes  to the list of AGMOD crops in the help.

Fixed Calculations and report when User defined monthly rainfall numbers are used.

Changed the years field on the user defined rainfall panel to only accept integer values.


Version - Dec 9, 2009


Fixed - Reviewer report Peak GPD now is showing peak quantity for the withdrawal and the peak month for the withdrawal

Fixed - Non SWUCA permits now generate 2 in 10 quantities for both standard and drought calculations

Added - Note to indicate Annual Average (avg) is calculated different for non SWUCA permits.

Fixed - Rounding on the Reviewer report so that the totals add up to the sum of all the detail lines

Fixed - Small vegetables Crop establishment inches calculation for a January plant month

Added - Batch processing function

Fixed - Formatting problems with initial credits on the Reviewer report.

Added - Rounding of Gallons in the Inches Gallons Gallons per day Grid on the Permit Report

Added - Tees row for Golf Course use on the Reviewer Report

Removed total on the withdrawal peak month column on the Reviewer Report

Fixed - AGMOD gives wrong numbers if Jan 1 to Jan 1 is the season range

Fixed - AGMOD windows app will stop with an exception when AutoPopulate is checked in the options screen the next time AGMOD starts

Fixed - Selecting a new report location in the options window will now copy all files needed to display reports in the new location.

Fixed - Rounding on Gallons column on permit report

Fixed - Deciduous crop to show the correct WMIS usecode on Reviewer report.

Fixed - Problems with the  new permit function

Fixed - Problems with new records and user defined data

Fixed - User rainfall to apply values to the entire permit not just one withdrawal.

Fixed - User defined effective rainfall to override existing effective rainfall for an irrigation method

Fixed - Calculation of season length on the permit report.

Fixed - The display of the current loaded file now changes when a new file is loaded.


Version - Feb 18, 2010


Fixed - User defined data for irrigation methods. The save button is now enabled any time a change is made to the user defined data which will allow the changes in user defined data to appear on the report.

Fixed - Problems with the user report displaying extra characters.

Fixed - The selection of a new month automatically prevents an invalid day error by changing the selected day to the last day of the new month if it is less than the previous selected day.

Fixed - WMIS irrigation code conversion to produce the correct values when running AGMOD from WMIS.

Reformatted the fields on the AGMOD screen.

Sorted the crop list.

Removed WUCA from the WUCA dropdown list.

A link to Release Notes has been added to the help menu

Fixed a problem with the wrong permit status on the header of the Permit Report


Version - August 10, 2010

Fixed - User defined data calculations and required fields and use effective rain

Fixed - User defined rain will now enable save when just changing the number of years

Fixed - User defined data and rain now can be entered any time while entering main data

Fixed - Install and uninstall works with Vista and Windows 7

Changed - User directories for saving user data and reports are now located in My Documents\SWFWMD\AGMOD.Net\

Added - Season Length field to main screen

Added - Irrigation Method and Auxiliary Irrigation Method to the Reviewer Report

Removed - a code for the combined Irrigation and Auxiliary methods on the Reviewer Report

Fixed - Permit Report to always show 5 in 10 calculation

Fixed - Reviewer Report to show N/A for Standard values when not a SWUCA permit

Removed - Sprinkler with Plastic Mulch from list of Irrigation methods


Version - May 6, 2011

Fixed - Season Length value now changes when harvest date or plant date changes.

Fixed - User defined rain now will properly be used for all uses even when rain values entered after all uses entered

Fixed - Season length value on user defined note when strawberry use and entered season length is greater than 180 days.

Fixed - Save to a file will no longer save an empty last record.

Fixed - The batch process will now optionally output an xml file for every permit in the same directory as the output .csv file.

Fixed - A note in the permit report has been made more clear and spelling errors have been corrected.

Fixed - User defined rain values grid now only requires 1 month with a value greater than zero.

Added - Improved validation and tool tips on user defined windows.

Updated - The help has been updated to reflect latest changes to user interface.

Updated - The crop names have been updated.

Updated - Report labels to display 2in10, 5in10 and Permitted quantity through out.

Fixed - Sprinkler under tree cold protection capacity calculation

Fixed - Other uses calculation so it will never be a negative amount.

Changed - Hay/Comercial season length from 90 to 365 days.


Version - June 7, 2011

Fixed - problem caused by the save of userdefined rain data


Version - August 23, 2011

Fixed - St.Agustine soil problem when citrus SoilCoefficient defined but not found

Added - Dover / Plant City WUCA rules

Changed - Lawn and Landscape water use type code to R240


Version - April 5, 2012

Fixed - problem when citrus SoilCoefficient defined but not found

Fixed - Report text and formating for Dover / Plant City WUCA rules

Fixed - Leap Year problem

Updated - Help contents


Version - April 27, 2012

Fixed - problem when the wrong soil found in the citrus SoilCoefficient file

Fixed problem with user defined efficiency always showing 0 in effective rainfall


Version - April 30, 2013

Fixed - problem when peak month had quantities in non growth season months for a golf course

Fixed - Batch process season length always zero days

Fixed - UseCode look up problems in Batch load process


Version - March 27, 2017

Updated - Blueberry root zone value changed from 48 to 9 inches


Version - February 26, 2019

Added - Created a new crop category known as ‘Citrus, Ridge’ which bypasses the irrigated area shading deduction factor for any ridge citrus located in the SWUCA.


Version - June 20, 2022

Reports open an HTML file in a Microsoft Edge browser